Politics is a matter of taste for Schuchard students
Politics is a matter of taste for Schuchard students
Posted on 11/04/2016
Students use red, blue and yellow cupcakes to cast their votes

For Schuchard Elementary students, this year's presidential election is a matter of taste.

Students participated in an election unit this year by casting votes for their favorite candidates through the color of sprinkles on cupcakes they ordered.

Thanks to a partnership with Mannino’s Bakery in Sterling Heights, students voted through red (Republican), blue (Democratic) or yellow (Libertarian) sprinkles.  

Just like Tuesday's election night, the votes were tallied and reported over the television stations. A representative reported from each classroom on their electoral votes, based on the cupcakes that are selected by the students. 

The unit was a unique way staff used to demonstrate the importance of voting in a democratic society. 

It is a message that came through loud and clear to students. 

"Voting is important because we get new leaders, new ideas, and new laws," said Mirela Dukovic. 
Added Lamella Khoshaba: "Voting is important because everyone has their own opinion, their own voice, and their own vote."