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Family Wall of Fame honors Schuchard parents
Family Wall of Fame honors Schuchard parents
Posted on 11/08/2017
Family posing in front of wall

Schuchard Elementary parents helping to accelerate their children’s learning are being honored through a school-wide Parent Wall of Fame.

The school create a large display using a race track motif to recognize families who are actively involved in their children's education. 

Families participating in school activities earn a car with their name on it, which moves along a track as they become involved in more activities to support academic achievement

“We have always encouraged parent involved in our school, but we wanted to do something more to honor parents on a regular basis who are involved in a variety of ways,” said Schuchard principal Steven Slancik.

Each month Schuchard is updating the wall for families who are involved in such areas as helping with homework, attending open houses and conferences, working in classrooms or volunteering through the Parent-Teacher Organization.

Families start at the beginning of the road – Good Boulevard – and progress along the track throughout the year. Parents involved in multiple activities can move through different levels of the race track to the top level, Royalty Boulevard.

Slancik said the the program is structured to recognize families directly involved in school activities or parents who may not be able to volunteer during the day. Parents are recognized through such activities as checking PowerSchool accounts weekly for their students or making sure their students have perfect attendance.

Parent Nadya Sitto started volunteering when her sixth-grade son entered kindergarten, helping teachers copy materials and working in the school’s media center.

“I like to be around my kids and it is so important to have parents volunteer in the school,” she said.

She also said being at school sends an important message to her children.

“It shows them how involved and interested you are in their education,” she said.

Slancik said the Wall of Fame has become a source of pride for Schuchard students.

“They love to see their family’s name – it’s in the middle of the building and everyone walks by it,” he said.