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Schuchard Elementary earns community recognition for championing diversity
School earns Diversity Distinction Award for its leadership in cultural awareness
Return to School
Academic Blitz set for January 9
Career Focus 2019
Sixth Graders spent a couple months researching careers and thinking about what they might want to do after high school graduation. As part of the process, the students created video resumes, which they took to their luncheon to share with the community person at their table. Our students did a wonderful job!
UCS students earn top state honors in medical careers competition
More than 170 honors awarded to UCS students at regional HOSA
January 15 Update
Latest News from across UCS

From the Principal

Dear Schuchard Parents and Community:

Well, we made it!  After what felt like the longest summer ever, the kids are back in school!  I recognize that most of us wish the students could be back in person, but right now we have to put safety above all else. 

I want to start by thanking you for all the work you are doing on your end.  We recognize that the role of parents during online learning is tough.  Many of our staff members have school-age children, so we can relate what you are going through.  Many parents have had to rearrange schedules, modify working hours, and even quit their jobs in order to ensure their children are learning.  We appreciate you, and I know the feeling is mutual.  During the Spring shutdown, I had countless parents tell me that the pandemic has greatly increased the respect they have for teachers and the job they do every day.

No one knows how long it will be before students return to in-person learning.  It could be November, it could be January, it could be next September. 

What we (the staff and parents both) need to concentrate on right now is online learning.  If we spend our time worrying and wondering about the future, our students lose out.

Our community need to focus on making the most of our time right now.  Our teachers and staff are improving our online instruction on a daily basis.  We are finding new techniques, strategies and ways to us our technology every day.  We HAVE TO treat this instructional time as the most important time of our students’ lives.  We cannot allow the pandemic to compromise the education of our children.

What I need from you (parents, babysitters, grandparents, caregivers) is to stress the importance of school at this unique time.  We know it feels weird at times.  We know learning like this is not ideal. But, we cannot let ourselves or our children use that as an excuse.  We need to work harder than ever to make sure students are focusing, working hard and taking school seriously. 

Finally, I want to extend an open invitation for constructive criticism.  We want to get better.  If you have ideas or recommendations for improvement, please share them with me and/or your child’s teacher(s).  Our ongoing goal is to provide the best instruction possible.  As we continue to work toward that goal, we will take any help we can get.


Steve Slancik


p.s. – We are proud to announce that Schuchard is receiving the Diversity Distinction Award from the city of Sterling Heights on Tuesday, September 15.  See the link below for more details.

Schuchard Elementary School will work with our community to provide opportunities for students to become actively engaged life-long learners who have the ability to positively impact our society.
Career Focus Luncheon

The 24th Career Focus Luncheon for all district sixth graders will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, May 3 and May 4, 2017 at the Palazzo Grande in Shelby Township.  The annual event is sponsored by the Utica Community Schools Foundation.

Parents are invited to sponsor a table and share their career and college experience.  For more information, please visit the Foundation’s website at or call 586.797.6953. The UCS Foundation for Educational Excellent is an independent 501(c)(3) organization comprised of community volunteers. 

Utica Community Schools is Michigan's second largest school district.  

Student achievement in the district outpaces all county, state and national averages. The district's graduation rate is 12 points higher than the state average and students are staff are regularly honored for excellence.

For more information on Utica Community Schools, please visit this link