Schuchard A.T.G.
Coaches: Mrs. Sandy Richards and Mrs. Cyndee Rivera

Theme this year: How things work

This year we decided to work within a broad theme to gain a lot of different experiences. Students in ATG this year have been learning how a lot of different things work.  

To kick the year off, we went to American Screen Printing to screen print our own t-shirts. We also created our own works of art with the instruction of our very own Mrs. Lee. 

Other activities we participated in this year include: 

Math 24 competition amongst ourselves and again against students from across the district. 
Cards to Veterans for Veterans Day

Stretching our minds and problem solving skills with puzzles and Perplexors

Running the school store and recording profits and expenses on a spreadsheet

Field trip to local bakery to see the "behind the scenes" of a business, and also decorating our own cupcakes

Videoconferencing with Cleveland History museum about the circulatory system and dissection of a sheep's heart

Building circuits with different materials to light up lightbulbs